Back to the Past

Three years after returning to South Dakota, my mother was again well and heading towards the 5 year milestone of being “cured” of cancer. She was becoming stronger, but had to give up driving and settle into a new lifestyle of dependence on family members. It was tough for her to adjust to not having the same freedoms she had enjoyed before her illness, but she was so grateful to be alive. One day she was sitting on her front porch and a truck slowed down and then stopped, a man jumped out and she saw a familiar smiling face coming towards her.

Michael had been a close friend of the family many years earlier. Michael and I, we had a history. Although he was three years older than me, we spent time hanging out one summer together with my older sister and her boyfriend. One hot afternoon found us at a local swimming hole. It was the perfect day. On the way home on the winding South Dakota highway, we hit gravel and Michael’s jeep rolled. Without doors or a seatbelt I flew through the air like a speeding cannonball hitting a tree headfirst. We both had serious injuries and were transferred by ambulance to the local hospital. We recovered and eventually Michael moved away.

He always held a special place in my heart and the scars on my head were a constant reminder of him throughout my life.

Now he was back and interested in seeing me. I looked forward to meeting him again after so many years, but didn’t expect the overwhelming attraction I felt for him the first time he walked in the door after nearly thirty years. This was the beginning of our wonderful romance and we are hoping that it lasts forever….

If you would like to donate to Michael’s transplant fund, please click here.


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