Living, Loving & Caregiving with Sanity Intact…Well, Kind of….

This is a blog about the ups and downs of trying to navigate successfully throrough the heartache and fear and intense emotions that accompany a major life-changing organ transplant.

I am going to start by sharing the major events that led to this journey and then eventually bring you up to the present and hopefully let you follow this path into my future. We have a long road ahead….I am glad I have you here with me. I feel stronger just knowing you are there.

If you would like to donate to Michael’s transplant fund, please click here.


6 thoughts on “Living, Loving & Caregiving with Sanity Intact…Well, Kind of….

  1. an excellent start for your blog…and a good way to come to terms with the surprises that life hands you…surprises that are quite often not pleasant…

    • It is time to get it out….the good and the bad about caregiving for a lung transplant patient whose health seems to be declining at an alarming rate. It is time to turn the corner, to open the door and step through with your shoulders held high and your wildest wishes glued to the front of your eyes so you can’t forget even for a minute what your task is here. It will be a wild roller coaster ride from here on….no doubt about that. Ways to make the most of each day, each moment need to be found to make life lighter, more bearable. So hang with me. We are alwasubetter when we aren’t alone.

  2. I am sure I have posted here several times accompanied by large billowing waves of uncertainty and very little understanding about what I am actually trying to achieve. A coherent and intelligent and properly spelled sentence would be a lovely and reassuring start to move past Part 1 into Part 2, but finding the keys to make it happen seems like a chore that is beyond my skill levels at this time of night. It seems to be an incredibly complicated mind test that I fear I may never complete.

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